Since 1998 Sportcentrum Račice has held an annual Angling Championship 'LOVU RYB UDICÍ' competing for the Račice Trophy. The 1999 World Angling Championships were held at Račice with competing teams and individuals from around the world. Competitors from Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic being especially successful. The waters at Račice were leased by the Czech Angling Association in 2002 and opened to the general angling public operating under the Angling Rules set out below.

ANGLING RULES: Article 441 501

Rowing course Račice 50 ha. Waters are Trout free.

The following Rules apply to the Rowing course at Račice. A National, Angling Association or Local Annual Licence is required in order to be able to fish in these waters. Full ČRS Angling Laws and Regulations apply. Angling is only permitted in the given set out areas as indicated on the information boards situated around the waters. It is forbidden to fish from boats and from wading and during any rowing and canoeing races, training and alike when the waters are used for such purposes.
No motorised vessls are allowed onto the waters unless for the purpose of marshalls at events. No camping and camp fires are allowed in the designated areas. Anglers are requested to respect the instructions of Arena employees and not to maintain tidyness. It is also forbidden to move any of the stones laid out along the waters edge. Permitted angling times are between 06.00 and 22.00 hours during the summertime and 08.00 and 18.00 in the wintertime. Breaking of these rules is  regarded as a direct breach of regulations set out by the Angling Association. The fishing permit is required for entry into the arena.

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