The artificial water channel in Račice offers your canoe, kayak teams training camps.

The first class facilities built in 1986 allow training on an eight/ nine lane arena equipped with the Albano buoy system, a return channel with the whole arena surrounded by a roadway suitable for cycling and rollerblading/skating.

The World Championship in Rowing and The Junior World Championship Canoe/Kayak was held here in 1993. The ICF World Canoe Cup was organized here in 2004. 

Number of improvements and changes was done since then. There is a hotel (Hotel Skif) with 25 double rooms, a Dependency of Hotel Skif with 3 rooms for four and 2 roms for three people. The rooms are equipped with a toilet, a bath, a TV (satellite). It is possible to have your meals in the centre.

You can use a gym, bowling, sauna or to order a masseur for rehabilitation.

A restaurant with a bar is also a part of the centre. 

Additional benefits of training at Racice are the highly competitive rates especially for groups.

If you are interested in training on the racing course in Račice, please send your orders to .





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