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The rowing course in Racice was completed in 1986 having been built on a former sand quarry site.
The course dimensions are as follows:
Total length: 2 350 m
Width of main Canal: 130 m
The course can hold races of up to 2000 m and is equiped with the Albano system having a total of 8 lanes. In addition to the main race lanes the course also has a seperate 30 m wide 'return lane' from the finish to start line. The course is encircled by a 5 km road and the whole arena measures 73 hectares in total including towers for race referees, boat house, hotel and administritive offices, large car park, competitor changing room facilities and a capacity for 5000 spectators.

All facilities comply with the required standards to hold major world championship events. To date these include the World Junior Rowing Championship in 1986, World Junior Canoeing Championship in 1993, World Rowing Championship in 1993 and the World Angling Championship in 1999. More recently the arena staged the prestigious FISA World Masters Regatta in 2002.
The arena is located close to the Czech capital Prague, which is only a 30 minute drive by motorway.



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